Monday, May 19, 2008


I see the light......Nah....I am so glad this is over! Well my favorite parts were connecting my personality into each and every blog post! I liked the Youtube one the best because that is one of my favorite videos I love laughing at youtube videos! I also liked the Web Things videos for the anime event, I was there!!!! What I didn't like was constantly creating accounts, getting confused at RSS feeds, and having to read a lot of stuff! But in the end it was all good! =] Thanks for teaching me!

Listen NJ

A very fun and easy way to download books to your iPod or MP3 because its easier for me to listen to a book instead of reading one. I like to listen to them before I go to bed =] It's like a book on a CD but better! I'll tell everyone in school about it!

J-Talk (podcasts)

Well I like Japanese culture so i decided to look that up and this audio podcast talks about learning to speak and read Japanese. I found it funny.

Furby Gone Wrong? (Youtube)

We all know and love the adorable Furby dolls of the 1990's, you know the ones your kids begged you to buy and then annoyed the living crap outta you after you got them one? Yeah that was the good old times when I was a kid. I begged for one and then after I got one it got really annoying to the part where I have a certain HATE for the little furry things. So this is a video you might enjoy on youtube: Furby gets microwaved. Enjoy! (cause you know i did!)

Web 2.0 Awards =]

I picked GAMES because EVERYONE PLAYS GAMES! and aren't we all a kid at heart when it comes to games?

I would like to use this category I picked because I love to play games online, it gives me something to do when im bored =] Thanks GAMES!

Google Docs

Google Docs was a very understandable document. It looked just like word! I believe it will make things much easier for the library if we used it for such things like posting program information. It can help us all put our ideas and inputs into the programs. It will definitely help me when I get my anime club started again in June, I could post stuff up there and people in the club can come and access the information at anytime, helping the club stay connected. Thanks Google Docs! =]

Saturday, May 17, 2008

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things <3

#17 Favorite things: =] It was fun.